Deodorizer Bag

Like all herb users, you have probably experienced numerous situations where you wished that the smell wasn’t quite so obvious. It is for this exact purpose that the Deodorizer Bag was created.

Subtly elegant and classy stylishness

On the outside, the Deodorizer Bag looks pretty much like an ordinary black pouch, albeit with a subtly elegant and classy stylishness. Unlike other cloth bags, however, the Deodorizer Bag has a specially designed lining with activated charcoal that effectively traps odors and keeps them from escaping. This innovative design allows you to store whatever type of herb you may desire without anyone being any the wiser. Whether you are interested in preventing embarrassing odors from escaping or you wish to avoid detection, this is the perfect storage bag for your needs.

Innovative design for odor retention

The effectiveness of the Deodorizer Bag is due to more than just the innovative activated charcoal lining. The bag also features two industrial strength Velcro strips that keep the opening tightly sealed when not in use. Along with the exterior flap, these Velcro strips add another level of protection to the Deodorizer Bag and increase its ability to prevent even the strongest odors from escaping.

30-day money back guarantee

The Deodorizer Bag is available in a few different sizes and all of them are small enough to fit into a regular purse or backpack. The smallest Deodorizer Bags can even fit into your pocket. Because of its small form factor, the Deodorizer Bag can be taken with you wherever you go. Each Deodorizer Bag also comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee; if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can send it back with no questions asked.

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