Based in Canada, Arizer has been in the business of manufacturing superbly-crafted vaporizers for many years now. The company boasts an excellent line-up of some of the best-designed vaporizers available in the market, including the Arizer Solo, the Extreme Q, and the uniquely-designed V Tower. With these three innovative products, the company has cornered the vaporizer market in ways that few other companies can.

Durability and High Performance

Each and every vaporizer in the Arizer product line is constructed for reliability, durability, and high performance. Built to last and offering superior quality, these vaporizers can provide years of enjoyment even with daily use. Even with the superb feature set, Arizer vaporizers are remarkably easy to use, making them ideally suited to those who are new to the entire vaporizing experience.

Arizer Solo

This is especially true with the Arizer Solo, which consistently earns top marks in user reviews for its high degree of usability and portability. These models feature rapid heating ceramic cores that quickly heat up your herbs to just the right temperature, ensuring a smooth and even vapor flow that you simply will not get with any other brand of vaporizer. Add to that the high-quality borosilicate glass bowl, and the Arizer Solo could be just the perfect starter unit for those who are new to the world of vaporizing.

Extreme Q

Arizer also produces the Extreme Q, which takes vaporizing to a whole new level of excellence. This unit packs an amazing selection of innovative features in a compact package highlighted by the same quality ceramic heating element that comes with the Solo model. With three different modes of operation, this could well be the most versatile vaporizer you can buy.

V Tower

The V Tower is possibly the most effective whip-style vaporizer on the market today. This innovative vaporizer features a digital display which makes it easy to control your desired temperature. Compatible with dry herbs, the V Tower is your ideal at-home vaporizer.

With so many vaporizers available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. With Arizer however, you are assured of quality vaporizing whichever model you choose.

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