Like all herb users, you have probably often had to deal with gunk buildup in your pipes and glass pieces. The sight of a residue-encrusted pipe isn’t a pleasant one, and what it does to the flavor of your herb is even less so. Residue buildup can be very difficult to clean up, and improper methods of┬ádoing so can cause more harm than good. In the worst case scenario, your pipe may even be rendered unusable by improper cleaning.

The good news is that 420 Science offers a superb selection of cleaning products, all of which set high standards for effectiveness and ease of use. With these cleaning solutions, even the worst case of gunk buildup can be handled expertly, restoring the efficiency and fresh appearance of your favorite smoking implement.

420 Science is, of course, known for its superb line of quality smoking products and accessories. With these cleaning solutions, the company addresses a unique demand of the herbal market, helping users deal with even the most challenging gunk issues. Among the company’s most effective products are Smoke Soap, RezBlock and 420 Wipes.

Smoke Soap

Smoke Soap - 420 Science Smoke Soap is a revolutionary organic cleaner that delivers superb cleaning performance. Unlike many other cleaning solutions on the market, Smoke Soap does not contain acetone or alcohol. This ensures safer cleaning with no harsh chemical smells or flavors left in your pipe.

Probably the best thing about Smoke Soap is that you won’t have to deal with any of its own buildup after even just a quick rinsing. With the Smoke Soap, you can use your pipe immediately after cleaning it, and be assured of totally satisfactory results.

Amazingly enough, Smoke Soap is also reusable, so you can get more cleaning done with every bottle. 100% biodegradable, Smoke Soap is one of the best cleaning solutions on the market today.

RezBlock Concentrate

Rez Block - 420 ScienceAnother 420 Science product worth checking out is RezBlock. Adopting a unique preemptive approach to gunk buildup, RezBlock actually prevents residue from sticking to the surfaces of your pipe before it can even become a problem. All you have to do is add a few drops to your pipe, swirl it around making sure that every inch of the glass is coated, and your pipe is ready for use! A virtual rez-proof vest for your pipe, RezBlock can save you countless hours of cleaning and having to deal with messy, sticky residue. If you like keeping your pipe clean but don’t want to bother with actually cleaning it, RezBlock is an essential addition to your cleaning kit.

420 Wipes

420 Science - 420 Wipes420 Wipes addresses a concern unique to the herbal community. Herbs are often shared among several people, but this social aspect may give rise to hygiene issues. 420 Wipes address those issues, providing you with a quick and convenient way to sanitize your pipe to perfection. It can be used for any type of pipe as well, whether glass, metal, or plastic, making it one of the most versatile cleaning solutions around. With 420 Wipes, your pipes stay clean and fresh all the time.